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    2022 Silicon Valley Regional, Valkyrie Robotics FRC #299

    Meal Plan Info

    Students attending the 2022 Silicon Valley Regional competition as part of Valkyrie's travel team may choose to sign up for the team's Meal Plan in lieu of paying for their own food at the event. This is a separate program from the Meal Plan offered for the Sacramento Regional, and does not cover for dinners.

    All students signed up for the Lunch Plan will have lunch delivered to them once a day, purchased for them by the team and delivered to them at the venue by the team. The plan costs of $40 per student, and each student may register for at most one such Lunch Plan. Students not on the Lunch Plan will be required to provide for their own meals. Note that some roles at competition (pit crew, drive team) do not reliably allow students to leave the venue during the lunch hour, and as such students in those roles will be required to either pack their own lunch or register for the meal plan.

    This page only contains the payment link; in order to actually sign your student up for the Meal Plan, please fill out this form and attach a picture of your receipt from the payment buttons below.

    Allergies and Dietary Preferences

    The health and safety of your students is our highest priority; as such, we request that in addition to any response given in the form above, you notify us in advance if your student has any life-threatening allergies or food sensitivity which could require the use of medication, an epi-pen, or other on-site medical support. In order to make sure our supervising staff are prepared in the case of a medical emergency, please contact us here if you have not already done so.

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